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Who we serve

For more than 25 years we have served a diverse range of clients, multinational groups and individuals in major industries. Moreover, we assist several institutions.

Client Profile by Industry

Private Corporate Public Institutions
Artists Art galleries Italian and International Museums
Qualified art experts Auction houses Art Foundations
High-level wealth managers Art Foundations Cultural institutions
Uhnwi Corporate collectors Public libraries and archives
Uhnwf Securitization companies in art Public bodies
Art Collectors Art investment funds  
Art advisors Family Offices  
Wealth Managers Financial institutions  
  Private banks  
Private Corporate Public Institutions
Formula One™ Driver Car manufacturers Ministry of transport and infrastructure
MotoGP™ Driver Motorcycle manufacturers  
  Car and motorcycle trade and repair  
  Car and motorcycle part manufacturers  
  Automotive part retailer  
  Automotive/Motorcycle Design Studios  
Private Corporate Public Institutions
Executives Commercial aircraft production companies Ministry of defense
Aviation pilots R&D Aviation and Aerospace Associations
Entrepreneurs Manufacturers of space hardware (e.g., launch vehicles, satellites, ground stations) Air traffic control Authority
  Suppliers of products that interact with satellite networks (e.g., navigation equipment, satellite phones),  
  Suppliers of services (e.g., satellite broadcasting services or direct-to-home video services)  
Private Corporate Public Institutions
Executives SGRs Public Banks
Bank Advisors SICAVs Bank and financial intermediaries’ companies Association
Bankers SIMs Public Authority
Traders UCITS  
  Investment trusts  
  Leasing companies  
  Factoring companies  
  Consumer credit companies  
  Trust companies  
  Securities trading companies  
  Securitization companies  
Private Corporate Public Institutions
Executives Oil companies Renewable Energy Authority
Enterpreneurs Gas companies Energy and natural resources companies Association
Traders Electricity companies  
  Power transmission companies  
  Electricity distribution companies  
  Electricity wholesale companies  
  Electricity retail companies  
  Renewable energy companies  
Private Corporate Public Institutions
Executives Residential estate companies Agribusiness companies Association
Farmers Real Estate companies Ministry of agriculture
Entrepreneurs Agricultural farms  
Landowners Equestrian estates  
Private Corporate Public Institutions
Executives Fashion houses Fashion and luxury goods Association
Owners of leading brands Private fashion companies  
Fashion consultants Publicly traded companies  
Designers Wholesalers  
Private Corporate Public Institutions
Winemakers Agribusiness Groups Food Industry Associations
Oenologists Large-scale retail trade companies Beverage Industry Associations
Michelin-Starred Chefs Organized distribution companies  
Private Corporate Public Institutions
Restaurateurs Primary hotel chains Tourism and hospitality Associations
Executives Hotel operators  
Entrepreneurs Hospitality companies  
Private Corporate Public Institutions
Motorways Toll roads and related works Transport Associations
Executives Railways companies Transport Authority
Entrepreneurs Railway services  
  Railway infrastructure companies  
  Airport infrastructure companies  
  Port and interport infrastructure companies  
  Urban transport and metro companies  
  Shopping centre companies  
  Business centre companies  


Private Corporate Public Institutions
Executives Insurance companies Public Authorities
Enterpreneurs Reinsurance companies Insurance Associations
Insurance brokers    
Private Corporate Public Institutions
Executives Healthcare product manufacturing companies Pharmaceutical Associations
Enterpreneurs Pharmaceutical companies Pharmaceutical Authorities
  Companies producing food products, supplements, dietetics, nutrauceuticals  
  Companies manufacturing and trading biomedical devices and medical implants  
  Healthcare machine tool manufacturing and trading companies  
  Analytical laboratories  
  Private hospital care  
  The Nursing Home for the Disabled  
  Pharmaceutical wholesale companies in the health care field  
  Wholesale dietary product and supplement companies  
Private Corporate Public Institutions
Executives Shipping companies Shipowners Association
Entrepreneurs Public Shipyard Companies Maritime Authorities
Private Corporate Public Institutions
Talents, Creatives, and Influencers Television broadcasters Media & Telecommunication Associations
Actors/Actresses Radio networks  
Bands, Songwriters, Music Groups Television and film producers  
Musicians Independent studios  
Directors Independent Entertainment Contractors  
Screenwriters Individual Talents  
Television writers Producer Companies  
Executives Film Production Companies  
Entrepreneurs Film Distribution Companies  
Filmmakers Digital Entertainment Agencies  
Actors Post-production & Editing Facilities companies  
  Production Support Services & Equipment Suppliers  
  Studios, Guilds & Unions  
  Talent Agencies & Casting Companies  
  Record companies  
  Telecommunications Groups  
  Fixed and mobile network operators  
  Internet Service Providers (ISPs)  
  Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs)  
  Equipment providers  
Private Corporate Public Institutions
Executives Venture capital Public Authorities
  Private equity funds  
  Real estate funds  
Public Institutions
Public Bodies
Public Prosecutor’s Offices
Economic Financial Police
Foreign Revenue Services
Foreign Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation
Public non-profit international organizations
Government police agencies
Intelligence services
Private Corporate Public Institutions
MotoGP™ drivers
Formula One™ drivers
Soccer players
Golf players
Fencing athletes
Track and field sprinters
Tennis players
Sports clubs Leagues
Sports agents Trade associations National sport federations
  Broadcasting companies International sport federations
Private Corporate Public Institutions
Executives Innovative Start-up companies Technology, Crypto and digital assets Associations
Enterpreneurs Small and medium-sized innovative companies  
  Publishing Groups  
  Software houses  
  Hardware producers  
  Cryptocurrency investors  
  Bitcoin miners companies  
  Biotechnology Groups  
  Technology infrastructure Groups  
  Digital Groups  
  Companies providing products or services involving blockchain technology, digital currency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs)  
Private Corporate Public Institutions
Executives Fiber and raw material production companies Textile Associations
Entrepreneurs Yarn manufacturing companies  
  Fabric or knitting manufacturing companies  
  Finishing companies (e.g., washing, dyeing, printing, chemical application)  
  Textile manufacturing companies